Does everything happen for a reason? What about the bad things?

Newly engaged

I used to think that everything happened for a reason. I believe in God after all, so the world was not random to me. As time progressed though, there were many things that I couldn’t make sense of. How could I explain the bad things that happened? My husband lost … Continue reading

Five Favorites (Vol. 2): Our Sea World trip

The whole gang (left to right: Uncle Justin, Grandpa, Parker, Clint, Mommy, Austin, Grandma)

—The Backstory—  Some of my favorite gifts to give are ones that create opportunities for me to spend time with my loved ones. As I thought about what to get my family (referring in this case to my parents and brother) for Christmas this year, I realized that what we … Continue reading

Business travel with young kids at home


Last week I went on my first business trip for my new job. Business travel basically comes with the territory in my industry. I still remember one of the first business trips I took when I was brand new to sales. I went to Chicago with a couple coworkers, and … Continue reading

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