We’re Moving to Texas!

If you find the news that we’re moving to Texas surprising, you’re in good company! We’re rather shocked ourselves! And if it seems like it came out of nowhere, that’s because it did! At the beginning of May, Clint suggested that we consider the possibility of moving to another state. … Continue reading

The Practical Home Series: Grocery list

In order to survive grocery shopping with young kids, I quickly discovered that a little planning goes a long way. You can read about how I manage my recipes and meal plan here, but in this post I’m going to go over how I put together my grocery list. You might … Continue reading

The Practical Home Series: Recipe management and meal planning

This post is part of my Practical Home Series where I share the realistic ideas I’m discovering for how to create a comfortable home. One of the first challenges I took on when I became a work from home mom was the meal planning and grocery shopping. Previously, I did some … Continue reading

If there is no time in my life for what is important, then what is the point?

    Part 1: Understanding the Problem Recently I found myself so burnt out and overextended that even when I managed to take a break from all my go-go-going, I carried my anxiety with me and couldn’t really be present and enjoy the moment. I realized something needed to change. … Continue reading

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