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Hi, and welcome! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay. 🙂

I am pleased to introduce you to my family:

This is me:

The Mommy Goose

I am a mother of two boys and two girls, and a wife to my wonderful husband. God has entrusted me with these precious people, and I am constantly learning how best to live out this vocation I have been called to. A few years ago some life changes led me to transition from a mom who worked full time in an office to becoming a work at home mom. Whereas that was a huge adjustment for our family, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be with my kids during the day. Taking care of little people, a house, and a job can feel pretty crazy at times, but I sneak off to this little corner of the world when I can to share a little bit from our adventures.

This is my husband:

The Daddy Goose

My husband Clint is the best! Not only does he put up with my crazy, but he is an amazing father too! The kids absolutely adore him, and it’s hard for him to get a break when he’s home because he’s so popular. He loves outdoor activities like gardening (yum), camping (I am warming up to it), and going to the river (I actually introduced him to this one). We celebrated our 10 year anniversary in July of 2017, and although marriage is never easy, I am truly blessed that God has given me such a wonderful man as my husband.

This is my oldest child:

The Parker Goose

Parker is my first born, so everything with him is a new experience for me, and he has thus had to put up with the first time mom version of me. He is 7 years old and will be starting second grade. He is very active and loves to be outdoors. Parker enjoys inventing things and is constantly repurposing items that I try to put in the recyclables. I am always amazed at the big concepts he can understand, and he is already an excellent communicator. The best part about Parker though is his loving spirit… he can be so sweet and thoughtful!

This is my second born:

The Austin Goose

Austin is 5 years old and will be starting Kindergarten. He loves blue, submarines, his friends and school. He’s generally an easy going and happy kid. He and Parker can drive each other crazy, of course, but mostly they adore each other and are usually found creating their own worlds, projects, or adventures together. Austin also enjoys his role as the big brother to his sisters, giving belly kisses or making them laugh. Austin likes artistic projects and using rubber bands, tape, or string to hook things together and personalize his toys. We very much enjoy how fun and loving he is!

This is my first girl:

The Audrey Goose

Audrey is 2 years old. These days she has so much to say and lots of opinions too. 😉 She loves playing with her brothers, which means my sweet baby girl is sometimes covered in dirt and has scrapes on her knees. I am amazed though at how bold and fearless she can be. Even though she can keep up with the boys, she is still a girl and brings a much needed feminine balance to our over abundance of male energy. Audrey usually has a happy, silly spirit that makes it hard not to smile.

This is my baby girl:

The Evelyn Goose

Evelyn is one year old and has been such a wonderful addition to our family! She laughs easily and goes with the flow of being in a full household. Evie enjoys being with her siblings, and whereas she is pretty patient, she isn’t afraid to speak up if someone takes her toy. She loves being outside and is happy playing independently and exploring. We are enjoying watching her sweet personality emerge!

And we can’t forget our dog:

Cider and Parker

The Cider Goose

Cider is an 9 year old cockapoo and has to be one of the neediest, squeakiest, most excitable dogs you ever could meet. When people she likes come over she goes crazy: running, jumping, squeaking! When she was little we thought it was cute, but what we didn’t realize was that it would get worse over time, and frankly it’s a bit out of control now. That being said, she’s a lover. She’s been sweet with our kids from day one and loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses. Dogs are also awesome when you have kids who drop food on the floor (which of course never happens here, but if it did…).

Note: that is Parker (quite a few years back) that is running with Cider


For a brief explanation about where the website name came from, you can read the bottom of this post. To read about how I surprised myself by becoming a blogger, click here.

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