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For a brief explanation about where the website name came from, you can read the bottom of this post. To read about how I surprised myself by becoming a blogger, click here.


Me and the boys

The Mommy Goose (Me :))

Let’s see… I’m 33. I have two adorable boys, a baby girl on the way, and a wonderful husband. I was raised Catholic, but my faith that had been stagnant since high school finally began to grow and mature again when I became a mom. I realized I was responsible for raising my children in the faith, and I quickly discovered the best way to do that was to strengthen my own relationship with God, and that has led me on a fascinating journey. Like any woman, I do my best to balance all the roles in my life and occasionally try to squeeze in a little time for me.


Clint and the boys
The Daddy Goose (AKA Clint)

Ah, my husband… the patient one. He puts up with a lot between me and the boys. He is an excellent cook and loves his Big Green Egg (a smoker/BBQ that apparently is the best gift I ever bought him). He has also recently discovered a knack for gardening. He is one of those people that everyone loves because he’s so down to earth and funny. And don’t tell him I told you, but he’s a total softy.


ParkerThe Original Silly Goose (AKA Parker)

Parker is my 4 year old bundle of energy. He loves to run and climb and play just about anything that involves a ball. When he’s not running around, reading books is one of his favorite things to do. His wild spirit is tamed by his loving nature… he gives lots of hugs and says some of the sweetest things. Parker is also a talker and is not afraid to start a conversation with a stranger. He is very curious and loves to learn, so we are regularly being asked “what if” and “what does that mean.” Sometimes the questions are exhausting, but we can’t complain because we love how bright he is.



The Brother Goose (AKA Austin)

Austin is our 2 year old little charmer. He is so adorable sometimes that it is hard to get mad at him. He has a very happy spirit that is often seen in his happy feet or his contagious laugh. In contrast, he can also be quite dramatic… not afraid to scream if something is displeasing to him. Austin is always trying to keep up with big brother Parker, so falling is a normal part of his day. He is very active and rather daring, although sometimes he enjoys sitting back and observing. Austin’s language skills have begun to take off recently, and he loves to tell us what he wants. We love listening to him, except when it’s morning, and he demands, “Get up mommy” or “Get up daddy.”


Pregnancy #3 The Baby Girl Goose

We eagerly await the arrival of our newest family member due to arrive July 17th.


The Cider Goose (AKA our dog)

Cider is a 6 year old cockapoo and has to be one of the neediest, squeakiest, most excitable dogs you ever could meet. When people she likes come over she goes crazy: running, jumping, squeaking! When she was little we thought it was cute, but what we didn’t realize was that it would get worse over time, and frankly it’s a bit out of control now. That being said, she’s a lover. She’s been sweet with our boys from day one and loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses. Dogs are also awesome when you have kids who drop food on the floor (which of course never happens here, but if it did…).


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