Our 6 Year Anniversary

Today I returned to work. That is difficult beyond words, so I’m going to discuss something happier instead. Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary. We ended up celebrating Saturday night because I knew Sunday would be too crazy for us to be able to relax and enjoy ourselves. We went … Continue reading

I want my life to reflect my priorities

It seems that with each major life change, I change right along with it. When I got married I had to incorporate someone else’s opinions and feelings into my life. Still, my husband is so loving and patient that quite a bit of my “it’s all about me” attitude was … Continue reading

Becoming a parent means…

Bodily functions become a normal topic of conversation  You were really hoping you would never be one of those parents discussing their child’s bowl movements and getting all up close and personal with stuff that should really be kept private. Yeah, sorry, it’s going to happen. Finding extra limbs (or … Continue reading

My house will be clean someday (I hope)

Apparently I find it more interesting to write about crazy adventures in parenting than the times when it all goes well, but there are quite a few things going well. Whereas Austin has his moments like anyone, most of the time he’s a smiley and ridiculously patient baby who even … Continue reading

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