If there is no time in my life for what is important, then what is the point?

    Part 1: Understanding the Problem Recently I found myself so burnt out and overextended that even when I managed to take a break from all my go-go-going, I carried my anxiety with me and couldn’t really be present and enjoy the moment. I realized something needed to change. … Continue reading

New house, baby on the way, and no job… uh oh

So you’ve heard about some of the wonderful blessings we’ve received in the past 6 months: a new house and a baby girl on the way. Unfortunately, not everything that has been keeping us busy has been as exciting. On the morning of January 12th I was informed that my position … Continue reading

We are in escrow (and my boss resigned)!

I have such a crazy story to tell you, but let me start from the beginning… Background Info Clint and I own a two bedroom condo that has served us well over the years. However, Clint has always dreamed of owning a house, and now that our family has expanded … Continue reading

I’m not perfect people

One of my former coworkers announced one day, “I’m not perfect people,” and that popped into my head today. Y’all, I’ve been having one of those times. You know the times when you feel overwhelmed. I mean, really– beyond that– where you’re spending all your energy on beating yourself up rather … Continue reading

My house will be clean someday (I hope)

Apparently I find it more interesting to write about crazy adventures in parenting than the times when it all goes well, but there are quite a few things going well. Whereas Austin has his moments like anyone, most of the time he’s a smiley and ridiculously patient baby who even … Continue reading

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