Halloween 2013

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! I just wanted to quickly share some pictures and stories from our Halloween festivities.

Our celebrations started with our annual visit to the pumpkin patch. We usually buy our pumpkins from the store because it’s so much cheaper, but going to the pumpkin patch is still a fun tradition for the boys. Check out these pictures of Parker over the years (you can see he was always thrilled to have his picture taken, lol):

2010 (1 month old)

2010 (1 month old)

2011 (1 year old)

2011 (1 year old)

2012 (2 years old)

2012 (2 years old)

2013 (3 years old)

2013 (3 years old)

Parker had fun loading a wagon full of pumpkins and pulling it around. Then it was off to the bouncy house to work off all that little boy energy. We briefly said hi to the animals before Parker spotted the big slide. He could have kept sliding on that all day. Clint and I even got in on the action. Eventually though we had to get him fed and in bed before he fell apart.

CLS_2652 CLS_2659IMG_0863

CLS_2667IMG_0867CLS_2687 CLS_2676CLS_2673

CLS_2709 CLS_2713

CLS_2725 CLS_2760 CLS_2753 CLS_2750 CLS_2728 CLS_2735 CLS_2726

Austin started off asleep and was happy to be out and about when he awoke, but of course he’s still a little young to really appreciate the pumpkin patch experience.

IMG_0866 CLS_2699 CLS_2730 CLS_2773

Then of course came the pumpkin carving. Parker helped us remove the pumpkin guts (as Clint calls it) and sort out the seeds, which we later cooked. They were delicious! I found this recipe on All Recipes, and I think this is my favorite one yet. How can you go wrong with butter and salt?


Parker selected the patterns for Clint and me to use for the pumpkin carving, and he even helped me trace the pattern onto the pumpkin. Parker also had his own “Parker sized pumpkin,” which he drew on. He said he was writing a “special message for Grandma and Grandpa.”

CLS_3181 CLS_3203 CLS_3198 CLS_3195 CLS_3192
I think the pumpkins turned out pretty cool. What do you think?

CLS_3216 CLS_3208

On Halloween Day the boys enjoyed celebrating with their friends at school. Since I’m off this week, I was actually able to attend their party. The infants paraded through the classrooms in their costumes. So cute! Then the older kids (Parker’s class) went trick or treating at the classrooms. The older kids also got to have a little party with Halloween cupcakes and other goodies. Everyone seemed to have fun. (Note: I took pics, but I don’t know that the teachers and other parents would be ok with me sharing them, so I’m not including them).

Then of course that evening was trick or treating. Parker dressed up as Mickey Mouse and was absolutely adorable. Austin wore Parker’s first costume and was a football– the costume was a tad small but still super cute! My mom was able to join us, which made it even more fun for everyone. Parker really understood the concept of trick or treating this year. Austin rode around in the Bjorn, but he was super happy just being outside and watching everything. It was a late night, but a lot of fun!

CLS_3236 CLS_3252 CLS_3263 CLS_3264CLS_3279CLS_3295 CLS_3303 CLS_3305 CLS_3318

This is Parker as a football (only 2 months old)

This is Parker when he was a football (only 2 months old)


Happy Halloween! 🙂

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